Halloween Pumpkin String Lights With 8 Lighting Modes

Want to make your Halloween party cooler than the others’? You would need the correct decor for that. Take a look at this Halloween pumpkin string lights by Brizled.

This string light has 8 different lighting modes. You can choose these lighting modes according to your choice. Choose from the combination, in a wave, sequential, slow glow, or slow fade. You can also choose from chasing/flash, twinkle/flash, and steady on. These lights will give your home a spooky Halloween vibe.

The Halloween pumpkin string light is a remote-controlled gadget. It will be very convenient for you to use. You can adjust brightness, select 8 modes all with the comfort of a remote. Moreover, you can also set a timer through the remote too. Talking about the timer, it has a function of its own. It has a set and forget operation.

Lights will be on for 6 hours once you select. Then they will be off for 18 hours over each 24 hours period. These string lights are not stiff like the other lights. This light has a super soft, flexible copper wire. This will make it easy to bend it into any shape. Change it into any shape you want for Halloween.

Decorate your house with these amazing lights. These string lights even have a special pumpkin shape design. The string is 13.12 feet long with 40 LEDs. It has 3AA batteries, which are not included. Its voltage is 1.5 V and its power is 1.2 W. Bring home these Halloween pumpkin string lights and throw an awesome party.

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