Portable Folding Book Lamp for Your Reading Desk

Want to add something beautiful and functional to your study room? Have a look at this portable folding book lamp by BOSQUEEN. This book lamp has a very unique design. You will be very surprised to see it.

As you open it, you would think it to be a book. But upon opening it, it will light up your world. It has a magnet cover design. It also has custom industrial-grade N52 magnets inside. You can make it foldable as any shape you want. You are free to place it anywhere you wish.

Also, this folding light can cast lighting. It will cast from 90 degrees to 360 degrees. This product has a very user-friendly design. It has a USB cable. It also has 1700mAh rechargeable lithium built-in battery. The charge time is of 3-4 hours. The support lamp works for 6-8 hours. Also, it is portable too. You can easily carry around this portable folding book lamp.

Your eyes won’t get hurt by this lamp’s light. This has an eye-protective design. It has high quality LED beads. Similarly, it has flicker-free and anti-glare light. This is without strobes and radiation. This will help to keep your eyes from exhaustion. It also casts a soft LED light of warm yellow and white color. This will make your living rooms, or bedrooms feel cozy and welcoming.

This folding lamp is of safe, durable, and water-resistant Tyvek paper for inside. There is white maple wood for cover. It is very long-lasting. Also, the surface of the light is safe for touching. Get home this amazing portable folding book lamp. This will be a great addition to your house. Also, it makes a perfect gift for your loved ones who love home decor items.

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