Satellite Metal Brainteaser Puzzle to Awaken Your Curiosity

A brainteaser or a puzzle really gets you scratching your head. Having said that, it also awakens curiosity in you. With this satellite metal brainteaser puzzle, you are definitely up for some fun. Made of aluminium, the goal of this puzzle is to remove the spiked ball from the chamber.

Now, let us break it down. To begin with, there is an aluminium chamber in a cylindrical shape. You have to remove the metal spike ball that is in the chamber. Since you have to do so without actually destroying the chamber open, the puzzle is quite fun. Not to forget that it is quite challenging as well. This satellite metal brainteaser puzzle teases your brain, quite literally. Therefore, you might actually find your curiosity jumping out of the roof.

Moreover, this makes for an excellent gift to your friends or relatives. Anyone who loves brainteasers and trick puzzles is bound to love this gift too. In addition, this would even make for a great way to break the ice at work. Joined in a new place? Don’t know how to know your colleagues better and turn them into friends? Try giving me this satellite metal brainteaser puzzle to solve.

Or even better- try to solve it together and see who gets it first. Not only would this make for a great conversation, but can also turn you into friends. You can even turn it into a competition between you and your friends. Set up this game and see who solves the puzzle first.

Similarly, the satellite metal puzzle is a great thing for when you have sleepovers. Likewise, going on a long trip with this puzzle will get you occupied and save you from boredom. The satellite metal brainteaser puzzle measures 3″ x 1″. With the solution included, you can refer to it (or even cheat) while solving it.

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