10 Best UV Sanitizers for Smartphones

Have you ever thought of sanitizing your phones even once? Yes, you heard me right, the smartphone’s one of those things that you keep in your hands for hours and hours. Don’t you think it is necessary to sanitize these devices too? Not only now, but sanitizing your smartphones can make it look clean and keeps you stay away from germs and bacteria all the time.

Here, we’ve got some of the best UV sanitizers for your phones to keep it clean and germ-free every time. Most of them are pocket friendly and can help get rid of germs that might make you sick. Most of them need you to keep your device inside them in order to force UV radiation onto your smartphones. These devices are worth buying now and are useful for times to come.

KMESOYI UV Phone Sanitizer

The Kmesoyi UV Phone Sanitizer tops your list with its awesome UV radiation cleaning and sterilization. This is a UV sanitizer that features aromatherapy function. You can use it with almost all smartphones and is compatible with the iPhones and the Androids. The design features a large sanitizing space that can accommodate smartphones of up to 7”. Apart from phones, you can also use it to clean iPods, Bluetooth earphones and much more. All you need to do is to keep your device on the cleaning array and press the clean switch.

When the machine pops a green light, that’s when you know that the sterilizing process is over. With sleek ergonomics and compact design, this phone sanitizer is one of the most portable and lightweight UV sanitizers. You can power the sanitizer through your laptop port or through your power bank. Whether at home or at home, this cool gadget’s sure to keep your smartphones germ free, always.

Soeland UV Cellphone Sanitizer

The Soeland is what your phone needs today. It is a kind smart sanitizer that uses UV radiations to destroy germs present in your handsets. It can also sanitize your Bluetooth headsets and iPods. There is a UV radiation cleaning mechanism that uses the UV C light to kill germs and bacteria that you cant see. This Android UV sanitizer can accommodate most of the phones in town. It can house a phone that’s has a 7” display.

You get the aromatherapy function couple with this cool UV phone sanitizer. It not only cleans your devices but also works as an aromatherapy diffuser. All you need to do is to add a couple of drops of your favorite aroma and your phone smells pure and fresh. You can get these as a present to give your germophobic buddy or can buy it for yourself. It lets your phone stay clean during this havoc period.

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Eshake UV Mobile Sanitizer

The Eshake UV Smartphone Sanitizer is yet another cool mobile cleaning device to look out for. It comes with powerful UV sanitizing technology. The UV light kills unseen germs and bacteria that are on your phone. The Eshake UV cleaner can sterilize all smartphones. You can use it with the iOS and Android devices not greater than 6.7”. Apart from phones, you can use it to sterilize your iPods, watches and many more.

Like most of the sanitizer, it features the phone Aromatherapy. It makes your phones smell perfect after sterilizing. The sanitizing only takes 5 minutes and shut off once it is over. Among the ones in the list, this sanitizer is a bit bulky. It doesn’t operate on battery and this makes it less portable.

Last update was on: June 17, 2024 4:39 am

Homedics UV Phone Sanitizer

The Homedics UV phone sanitizer might not be that awesome when it comes to looks, but believe me, this is real value for your money. It kills up to 99% of the germs and bacteria that you fail to see with your naked eyes. You can keep your phones clean every time by using the pop-up technology and UV C sanitizing.

It is quite portable and goes into your pockets with ease. With over 70 cycles per charge its one of the coolest and most trusted UV sanitizers on the net. You can use it with most of the smartphones and iPhones. This Android UV sanitizer can fit phones like the iPhones 8+ and Pixel 3 without any fuss. It takes roughly 2 to 4 minutes to clean and kill all the germs within your phones.

NeotrixOI UV Cell Phone Sanitizer

The NeotrixOI Sanitizer uses no chemicals and other liquids to clean your phones from germs. It uses the same principle that we saw above UV C treatment. It is capable of cleaning all those germs by the action of UV sanitizing. The UV C light can get all the bacteria and germs hiding in cervixes where cleaning wipe fails to reach. You can use it with any smartphones, be it the androids or the iPhones, this cool UV sanitizer works like a breeze.

In fact, you can use it with smartphones below 7.2”. You need to keep your phone intact on the panel inside the unit to start the sterilizing action. A simple press on the start button after closing the top panel makes UV light do its job. It takes around 5 minutes and then your phone’s clean as a crystal.

PhoneSoap 3 UV Smartphone sanitizer

The PhoneSoap 3 is one of the leading sanitizers for phones on the net. It uses UV C light to blast off 99% of those gross bacteria and disease-causing germs from your phones. Apart from being an all out sanitizer, it is also a smartphone charging hub with toe ports. It comes with both the USB C and USB A and that means, better compatibility with all smartphones in town.

Unlike others on the list, the added advantage of a charging hub makes it the best multi-purpose device to hang out with. Apart from phones, you can sanitize almost anything like your smartwatches, iPods, etc with PhoneSoap 3. The device comes in quite a lot of colors to choose from and yes it’s a good gifting item to consider for your loved ones.

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PhoneCare 3.0 UV Phone Sanitizer

The PhoneCare 3 supports rapid sterilization and eliminates 99% of the disease causing germs in your phone. It uses the UV C light to kill viruses and bacteria even from the dense corners of your smartphone. It can make your smartphones clean within 6 mins. The PhoneCare works well with the Androids and iPhones. You can use it to clean smartphones of up to 7”.

Coming to the design, this Android UV sanitizer is compact and quite portable. The sleek design and USB charging makes it easy to use. Apart from phones, you can use it to sanitize your MP3 players, iPods, remote controllers and many more. You never need to change or replace the light tube ever as it lasts a lifetime. It’s a pretty awesome gift for your friends during this pandemic outbreak.

Mikosi UV Phone Sanitizer

You can use it to clean your iPhones and Android smartphones of up to 7”. The Mikosi UV sanitizer can kill bacteria in under two minutes. All you have to do is to place it inside the cabin, close the lid and press the start button. Within two minutes, your phones will be as clean as a crystal. Thanks to the Aromatherapy feature, you can add your favorite aroma to your smartphones while sanitizing.

The Mikosi UV sanitizer uses the UV C light to kill germs on your smartphones from even the undesirable corners. It protects you from these tiny germs and gives peace of mind, every time. Apart from smartphones, you can couple it up with your smartwatches, iPods and other gadgets too.

Marnana UV Smartphone Sanitizer

The Marnana UV Phone Sanitizer can clean and make your smartphones germ free within 15 minutes. It helps you stay clean and healthy with its UV radiation sanitizing techniques. It works pretty well with both the Androids and the iPhones and can accommodate a device of max 7”. This Android UV sanitizer comes with a wireless charging function. You can leave your smartphone inside the case to charge while the device starts its sanitizing action.

A thing to note is that wireless charging supports only Qi-enabled smartphones. If you are using one without Qi function, then there is the normal USB port to charge on the go. You can use it to clean other gadgets like the iPods, watches, remote controllers, jewelry and much more. You need to take out the phone case to sanitize the phone to the fullest.

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Manli Smartphone UV sanitizer

The Manli Smartphone sanitizer offers protection to your phones from germs and bacteria that can cause diseases. It comes with a solid and sturdy case that has dual UV blubs. The germicidal action of the UV C light comes into play here to kill germs and bacteria present in your phones. With the dual UV bulbs, the Manli UV sanitizer sanitizes your smartphones in less than 8 minutes.

It works with all smartphones, be it the Android or the iPhone, this sanitizer does whats its meant to do. You can also use it to sanitize stuffs like car keys, headphones, eyeglasses and many more. It can work well with smartphones up to 6 inches. There is also the Aromatherapy feature that adds a tinge of your favorite aroma to your smartphones. Unlike other UV sanitizers, you might feel a bit let down on the design. But believe they are worth every penny and does its job pretty well.

We do appreciate that you really made up your mind to get yourself a sanitizer for your phones. It is one of the simplest steps you take towards eliminating disease-causing germs from your homes. As you know, phones are one of the things that you forget to clean, and getting the sanitizer can do wonders. Most of the ones on our list are famous for its UV C radiation techniques and Aromatherapy function.

There are quite some who are a bit expensive but you’ll come to know they are worth every penny after you get your hands on one. We believe you’ve got the one that you are looking for and yes, they are a pretty good gifting option especially during this time of the pandemic.

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