Toilet Cleaning Stone with Handle for Cleaner Toilets

It’s a great mess when you have to clean your toilet bowl every other day. The dirty toilet bowl gives worse looks to your washroom. Also, it becomes home to many disease-causing organisms. So, you have to clean the dirty toilet bowl regularly. We present to you, a toilet cleaning stone with handle for cleaner toilets.

This amazing product is made of natural pumice stone. The clean stone is sturdy and high density for better performance. Also, it comes in a pair of two. It has a heavy-duty plastic handle. So, your hands never get dirty while cleaning toilets. The toilet cleaning stone is more than 40 percent denser as compared to products with the same qualities. The stones have a long life and possessive an abrasive grit. So, it will clean your toilet without giving any scratches.

It is totally a nontoxic product as it does not contain any chemicals. So, the toilet cleaning stone is safe to use in homes having children and pets. Also, it is an environment-friendly substitute for nylon brushes. So, it does not harm your environment when you dispose of.

It cleans any surface very quickly and swiftly. Cleaning toilet seats and bowls are not its only function. The cleaning stone can also be used for cleaning porcelain fixtures, hard water stains, steel, and pool tiles. So, you can also use it for cleaning your kitchen tiles, wash basins and kitchen counters. It removes tough and hard stains in seconds.

This is a perfect cleaning tool to keep a hygienic environment in your home. So, buy it for your own home and also for those you care about.

Last update was on: June 16, 2024 3:56 pm

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