Mellifluous AR+ Sound Bluetooth Tower Speaker Makes You Stay Connected With Music Always!

All of us love to listen to the radio every day. You will love it more if you can listen to it while you are working at home. The Bluetooth tower speaker with built-in radio helps you do it. You can also connect other devices like TV, mobiles, and tablets via Bluetooth to the tower speaker.

The sleek black design with blue LED lights adds sparkle to your homes. This AR+ Sound Tower speaker is easy to connect with almost all devices at your home. The high-quality sound is audible everywhere in your home.

You can enjoy all the parties by connecting this with your mobile or tablet. It gives you thrills of a perfect party or gathering.

You can quickly connect your devices with the docking station also. This will suit all your gadgets with the AR+ Sound tower speaker.

Now you can do dishes while you listen to the radio. The AR+ Sound Bluetooth tower speaker has an inbuilt radio. You can stay updated with this all day.

Kids will love the design stability with a Notification LED while playing Music. The sounds of your TV will be enhanced with the AR+ Sound Bluetooth tower speaker. The stereo system is stable and flawless.

The Bluetooth tower speaker with built-in radio has got a remote. This enables you to handle the speaker from long distance. The speaker is 38 inches tall. It weighs 4.51 kg.

This is very useful in homes, for parties, and for radio lovers.

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