Airpod Accessory Set with Case, Ear hooks and Strap

Are you an Airpod user? Looking for a provision for carrying around Airpods safely and comfortably? Wishing for something which helps to hold the Airpods in your ears properly? Here is something you have been longing ever since the evolution of Airpods. An Airpod accessory set which contains everything you need to use Airpods with ease.

This Airpod accessory set contains a case in which you can keep your Airpods safely. The main material used in the making of the case is silicon. Due to this, the case is light and impact resistant. Its impact-resistant feature ensures no damage even if the case falls. The case is designed by keeping in mind the comfortability of users. Hence, the case has precise cut-outs for accessibility to the charging ports.

The next item which you get from the accessory set is an adjustable Airpod strap with ear hooks. These help to hold your Airpods in your ears and prevent it from slipping off. Now you can work out without the concern of Airpods slipping off. The strap is very flexible and easy to install. The big holes are for the Airpods and smaller ones are for connecting the straps together.

It is good for travelers because it is portable. Don’t want to carry it in your bags? There is a solution for that too. This set has a carabiner which is detachable. Hence, you can attach the case to your belt or even larger bags. This feature enables you to carry around the Airpod case anywhere you go.

In conclusion, This solves all your problems with the Airpods.

Viral Gads