3D Popup Christmas Card To Bring Back Childhood Memories

Season greetings are eternal gifts. In this age of technology, we often forget the value of greeting cards. But in childhood days no gifts were complete without a greeting card in it. Those were the day when we had a huge collection of a variety of cards. This 3D popup Christmas card is a unique season greetings card.

In the present time, we exchange all wishes by phone and message. But have you ever thought how wonderful was the old times? Also, the excitement of opening a card from the envelope was unparallel. This 3d Popup Christmas card is a wonderful piece of art to bring back your childhood memories.

This high-quality paper greeting card is 90% handmade. The 3D popup in the card looks absolutely perfect. The details of the 3d Popup Christmas card is just awesome. You will not get such designs anywhere.

The paper greeting card is 6.2*6.2*0.2 inches in dimensions. So, this has prominent details. The popup has a snowman and a tree. So, that gives a perfect Christmas vibe. This 3d Popup Christmas card weighs only 1.12 ounces with so many details in it.

Cutepopup card company has a good name in paper art manufacturing. So, you can be sure of the exclusive design. Also, they offer a 100% refund on the purchase. So, if you are unhappy with this card you may return. But there are almost no chances of being unhappy with the purchase.

This popup greeting card will make everyone happy. Also, it will bring back the lost excitement of opening cards. So, gift this to your friends and family at Christmas. Also, you can add a handwritten note to make it even more personalized.

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